SendGrid API Setup

Creating a new API Key

In order for BriteVerify to be able to update your SendGrid list, you will need to generate an API key within SendGrid. To do this, og into your SendGrid account and click Settings on the left side of the screen to open the and select "API Keys" from the list.


In the API Keys page, click "Create API Key" and then select "General API Key" from the dropdown menu. 

Here you will be able to name your API Key and set up it's permissions. In order for BriteVerify to work with your SendGrid list, you will need to make the following changes to your permissions:

Read Access:

  • Email Activity
  • Stats
  • Suppressions

Full Access:

  • Marketing Campaigns

When you are finished, click Save to generate your API Key.


Editing an existing API Key

If you have already created an API Key but do not have the appropriate permissions, you can edit it by going to your API Keys and clicking the gear icon and selecting "Edit Details" from the drop down menu.