Importing your file

Drag & Drop: Drag and drop your file anywhere inside the dotted lines to get started. (The application workspace will highlight blue when you are able to drop your file.)

Import List: Clicking the "Import List" button will give you the option to choose "Direct Upload" which will open the file picker. This will give you various import options such as uploading from a desktop folder, FTP, a specific URL, or Cloud Storage such as Google Drive,, or Dropbox. There's even another drag & drop window here because we just like being redundant being redundant.

File Prepping & Confirmation

Once the file is imported, it is scanned to determine the number and type of records to verify.  This is a short process that can take longer depending on the file size.

Once file preparation is complete, you will be shown the total amount of verifications and the cost associated. Click the "Begin Verification" button to begin. 

IMPORTANT: You will be billed as soon as you click "Begin Verification" 

A file containing both email and phone records

A file containing both email and phone records

A file containing only phone records

A file containing only phone records

You can also choose to cancel the verification by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner of the card on the confirmation screen. You will not be billed for this, as there has been no file verification. This will delete your file from the system. 

Canceling a file before verification

Canceling a file before verification

Import Errors

Below are a list of common import errors and how to deal with them:

  • Illegal Quote: This is the most common error and means that your file has been formatted improperly. This can be fixed by importing your file into Excel and re-saving it as a CSV.
  • Over 1mm Rows: You can either split your file into smaller files, or contact BriteVerify and we will verify this for you. If you do split into smaller files, we recommend doing them one at a time to prevent system slowdown.  
  • Email Column Undetermined: We could not find any emails in your file. Either the file contained no emails, or the formatting was incorrect. 

File Verification

Loading and Verification

After clicking "Begin Verification", your file will begin loading and then the verification process will begin. Loading time is dependent on the size of your file.

As the file is verified you will see real-time results on the card. If your file contains both email and US phone records, you can alternate between them by clicking the "Email/Phone" switch below the graphs on the card.

The email/phone switch

The email/phone switch

The email verification results

The email verification results

The card switched to show phone verification results

The card switched to show phone verification results

Once file verification is complete, you can toggle between email and phone views using the switch on the card, or view your full results by clicking the "View Results" button or by clicking the arrow on the upper right of the card.

Below is a guide for determining what the chart colors represent. For a more detailed description of the various statuses, please see our status key.


  • Red: Invalid Emails
  • Green: Valid Emails
  • Dark Grey: Unknown
  • Light Grey: Accept All


  • Top Chart (US Phone Statuses)

    • Red: Invalid Phone Numbers
    • Green: Valid Phone Numbers
  • Bottom Chart (Phone Types)

    • Orange: Mobile Phones
    • Light Green: Land Line (POTS)
    • Light Blue: Digital

Viewing Your Results

File Details

File details, or "Fi-Deetz" as it is called by absolutely no one, can be seen by clicking the arrow link at the upper right side of the completed card. The file details screen will show you the total records verified, the final cost of the verification, and a detailed summary of your results. 

Verification Summary For A Completed File

Verification Summary For A Completed File

NOTE: A blue "info" icon denotes that additional information is available by moving your mouse on top of it. 

Understanding US Phone Results

The phone verification results show two different data sets: Phone Status and Phone Type. The phone status results are divided into Valid (green) and Invalid (red) 

The phone status results

The phone status results

Out of the valid results, we then look at the different Phone Types that were found and list them below. These are divided into Mobile (orange), Land Line (light green), and Digital (light blue)   

The Phone Types

The Phone Types

Invalid error codes:

  • blank_phone_number: The phone number field is blank. This could be due to improper file formatting.

  • invalid_format: The formatting for the phone number is incorrect. Most likely it has too many or too few digits. 

  • multiple_match: Two or more possible area codes are available as a fix and their distance is too close to choose one over the other.

  • invalid_prefix: We cannot verify the phone prefix or first 7 digits. 

Download Options

These download options can be found in the File Details screen. 

Invalid Only: This will download only the invalid phone records in your file. This is recommended for people looking to remove these results from their list manually. 

Valid Only: This will download only the valid phone records.  

Full Results: This will download all the phone records in your file along with the verification results.

Export File: In addition to downloading your file, you can also save it to your desktop, cloud storage, FTP or even email the completed file. Clicking the "Export" button will open the Filepicker screen giving you several options. 


Deleting Your File

After downloading your results, you may delete your file by clicking the "Delete File" in the upper right side of the report screen. This will purge the file from the system completely.