Integrating BriteForms with Formstack


***NOTE: BriteForms is a discontinued product that we support for legacy users. New BriteForms subscriptions are not available. Please refer to our API service for real-time verification.***


Step 1

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to create a BriteVerify account, which you can do here.

Step 2

Once your account has been created, you will need to upgrade to BriteForms. This can be done by logging into BriteVerify and either clicking the Upgrade to BriteForms button, or by going to Account Settings and choosing Plans.  

 The Upgrade Button

The Upgrade Button

 Selecting the BriteForms plan

Selecting the BriteForms plan


Log into your Formstack account and click the Create New Form button.  If you already have a form created, click the name to edit the existing form.

You can choose to either create a form from a template or start from scratch. All that you will need for this example is a form with an email field. 



Drag an Email Address field into your form from the Basic Fields options on the left. 

Step 4

Now that your form has been created, you will need to obtain the URL so that you can add this to your list of Trusted Domains in BriteForms. 

Click the View Live Form button in the top of the Build screen in Formstack to open your form in a live page and then copy the URL. 


Alternatively, the URL can be obtained in the Publish tab at the top of the screen next to a big "COPY" button.


Back in the BriteForms app, click the Trusted Domains button, paste the URL you just copied into the field and click Add Domain.

Step 5

Next click the + New Form button, name your form, and click Create Form.  Copy the code snippet as you will paste it in Step 6. 

Step 6

Now that you've created your form and added your trusted domain, you'll need to paste the BriteForms code into your form.

Go back to your Formstack account and in the Form Builder screen you'll see a section on the right that says Advanced Fields. Drag the Embed Code field to the bottom of your form.


Click on the new field to edit, and paste the code you generated from BriteForms, and then click Close to exit the code editor.



The field should now say --Javascript Embed--


Step 7

You're almost done! Now we need to test the form to make sure that everything is working correctly. Click the View Live Form button to open your form in a new window. 


IMPORTANT!! By default your form is set to test mode. You will ONLY be able to test the following addresses:

This will allow you to develop and run BriteForms from your local machine without having to authorize any domains or worry about triggering BriteVerify's fraud tools and security countermeasures. In test mode you will need to use certain emails to simulate certain events. Submissions and Verifications will still be tracked but they will all be marked as test transactions and only appear in reporting when the form is in test mode. 

You must take your form out of test mode in order to validate anything other than the addresses shown above. You will do this in the next step.


NOTE: If the event doesn’t fire visit and click on the ‘question mark’ in the lower right for assistance. 

Step 8

Back to BriteForms, click on the ‘Forms’ tab then on the BriteForm you just created to view all your test analytics. 


 The main forms screen

The main forms screen


This screen will provide valuable information about your form health once your form is turned live.


 The Form Analytics Screen

The Form Analytics Screen


When your form is ready to be turned live visit the BriteForms Form tab, click on your BriteForm and move the toggle switch at the top of your analytics page from Test to Live.


 You really don't want to forget to do this step

You really don't want to forget to do this step

NOTE: All analytics observed during test mode will be reset to 0 when you turn your form live.

That's it! Your form is now ready to be published in Formstack and to your website. For more details on how to publish and integrate your form, please visit Formstack's Support Page.

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