Integrating FormAssembly with BriteForms


***NOTE: BriteForms is a discontinued product that we support for legacy users. New BriteForms subscriptions are not available. Please refer to our API service for real-time verification.***

This guide will  walk you through the creation of a simple test form in FormAssembly and linking it to your BriteForms account. It will be in Test Mode by default until you take it "Live" so feel free to play around.


If you haven't already done so, you'll need to create a BriteVerify account, which you can do here

step 2

Once your account has been created, you will need to upgrade to BriteForms. This can be done by logging into BriteVerify and either clicking the Upgrade to BriteForms button, or by going to Account Settings and choosing Plans.  

 the upgrade button
 select  Briteforms  and click  apply

select Briteforms and click apply


step 3

Keep BriteForms open. In a new browser window or tab, log into your FormAssembly account and click the New Form button.  If you already have a form created, click the name to edit the existing form.


Give your form a title.


All that you will need to create a test form is an email entry field. 

  • Click the blue Add Content button.
  • Go under the Question  tab.
  • Choose text input

Click Edit this Text and give the field a title such as "Email" or "Email Address".  At this point, it is still a generic text entry field. Next we will tell the form to treat it as an email entry.

  1. Click the Options button to open a toolbar on the left.
  2. Click into the first tab named Validation Rules.
  3. Change  Expected Email Format to Email.

Click Done after changing the Expected input Format.


Save your form by clicking the orange Save button.


A yellow dialog box will pop up. Your form is saved. Choose Leave Now.


After saving your form, the Form Processing Summary is displayed automatically. You will see your form's unique URL on this screen. 

Highlight and Copy the URL.


step 4

Next we need to add FormAssembly to the trusted domains in BriteForms.

Switch back to BriteForms and click the Trusted Domains button.


Paste the URL into the field then click the Add Domain button. 

You will only need to do this once. Any additional forms integrated with FormAssembly will be recognized by the domain.

Click the X in the top right corner to close the dialog.


step 5

Create a form in BriteForms to monitor your submissions. Click the + New Form button.

Name your form and click Create Form.

The Form Settings Summary will display next.

Highlight and copy the 6 line HTML snippet in the bottom box. 

step 6

Switch over to FormAssembly.

Click the Build option in the menu on the left.

  1. Click into the Properties menu.
  2. Choose the Custom Code option.
  3. Paste the HTML into the edit box that appears to the right.
  4. Click Apply.

Click Save.

The yellow dialog will appear again. Choose Leave Now.

You will be back at the Form Processing Summary.


Click the link to open your live form.

IMPORTANT!! By default your form is set to test mode. You will ONLY be able to test the following addresses:

This will allow you to develop and run BriteForms from your local machine without having to authorize any domains or worry about triggering BriteVerify's fraud tools and security countermeasures. In test mode you will need to use certain emails to simulate certain events. Submissions and Verifications will still be tracked but they will all be marked as test transactions and only appear in reporting when the form is in test mode. 

You must take your form out of test mode in order to validate anything other than the addresses shown above. You will do this in the next step.

When you're ready to leave test mode, switch to BriteForms and click the Forms menu option to see a list of forms. Click the form you want to make live.

Click the slider (clicking works, no need to drag it) and it will change from yellow to green.

Your form is live. All test submissions will be erased and data will now be recorded for new submissions.