What will BriteVerify charge to verify my emails?

BriteVerify is not a subscription service and will only charge you for actual transactions used.  Pricing starts at one penny per transaction and our full price information can be viewed at the bottom of our home page https://briteverify.com


Why am I being referred to BriteVerify by my Email Service Provider (ESP)?

BriteVerify helps identify and remove Invalid email addresses from web forms and databases.  If your ESP has referred you to BriteVerify, it’s likely because your email database has a high number of invalid email addresses that need to be removed prior to mailing your next campaign.


Does BriteVerify have an API?

Yes, after creating your account you can click on Real-Time API to access your API information and implementation instructions.  You may also utilize the BriteVerify API in your web sign up/lead capture form to prevent future invalid email addresses from entering your database.


Do I have to sign a contract to use BriteVerify?

Nope!  BriteVerify is a pay-as-you-go service.  Simply sign up and pay for the transactions you use.  BriteVerify pricing can be found at the bottom of our home page briteverify.com.


Does BriteVerify remove spamtraps?

No, BriteVerify does not aid in the removal of primary spamtraps.  Certain types of traps like typotraps and reactivated traps can be identified by BriteVerify because they live in Invalid states for a period of time.  For more information about spamtraps please visit http://goo.gl/OdPBwk.

Why has my account been disabled?

BriteVerify monitors every account for specific behaviors that have been correlated with system misuse.  When we observe these behaviors we disable an account and need to speak with you prior to confirming your account.  To confirm your account please email accounts@briteverify.com and we will respond promptly.


What kind of file format does BriteVerify accept?

To properly prepare your file please open it in Excel, make sure all email addresses are in the same column, click Save As and select Format > Comma Separated Values, and save your file.  For more information, see our article on exporting from Excel.


Can I upload a file with more than just email addresses included?

Yes, as long as your file contains a minimum of email addresses we will verify your emails and return all your original data along with the status of each email address.


How many records can I load into BriteVerify’s self-service tools?

You can load up to 1mm records per file using BriteVerify’s self-service tools.  If your file exceeds 1mm records please split the file into multiple files or send a message to files@briteverify.com and we will help.


Why am I getting an import error when trying to load my file?

There are a few things that can cause import errors.  For detailed information on each please visit our section on Importing and Verifying a File.


My file is stuck processing, now what?

Sometimes an extra space can cause a file to slow down when it’s near completion.  Give your file a few minutes to correct itself.  If your file remains ‘stuck’ for longer than 20 minutes, please log into your account and use the question mark in the bottom right corner to message one of our support staff.


What do each of the BriteVerify statuses mean?

For detailed information on each of our primary and secondary statuses please see our status key.


What emails should I mail to?

For the best delivery results you should mail to Valid emails only.  This is especially true of you are using self-service email providers like MailChimp and Sendgrid.  For more information about how to use each status please see our status key.


How do I export only valid emails?

When your verified file is complete you can click the Get Valid Emails button on your file verification card to download only the Valid records.  If you’d like all your verified records, simply click the Get All Emails link directly below the Get Valid Emails button.


Why are all the emails in my file marked invalid?

It’s likely that an extra delimiter was somehow included along with each email address in your file.  For more information about how to prepare your file for verification please see our section on Importing and Verifying a File.


Where can I find my receipt?

BriteVerify charges once per month for transactions from the previous month.  When you receive your payment notification simply log into your account, click on Account Info, then Receipts to print your payment receipt.