Marketo Integration Setup


***NOTE: BriteForms is a discontinued product that we support for legacy users. New BriteForms subscriptions are not available. Please refer to our API service for real-time verification.***

Note: In order to use this integration you must have a BriteForms subscription. Otherwise you may consider using our real-time API by creating webhooks in Marketo.

These are the basic steps to set up BriteForms with Marketo Landing Pages. For the purposes of this guide, we are assuming that you have a form already created. These instructions work for free-form templates. If you're using a guided template please use this set of instructions. 



In order for BriteForms to work, you need to specify which domains are authorized to run BriteVerify scripts.  This is done at the account level, so that you only have to authorize a domain once and it will work for all your Marketo landing pages. Since Marketo allows for a customized URL based on your domain name, this means that all the landing pages will work seamlessly once this step is completed. 

Go into the Settings menu on the left and then to the Trusted Domains sub-menu.

settings to trusted domains.jpg

Next enter the domain URL of the form. You can get this from the landing page info in Marketo or by loading the form in your browser and copying the URL from the address bar. Paste that in the field and click Add.

enter trusted domain.png


2. create your BriteForm.

  1. Click on the Forms tab.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. Enter a name for the new form.
  4. Click Save.
forms menu.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 11.36.29 AM.png



     1. Click the Details link to the right of your new form to view the code. Copy the code under the second section labeled Marketo Form Install

BF Code Snippet.jpg

     2. Back in Marketo, edit your landing page from the Marketo Design Studio. From the Insert Elements window, drag an HTML element onto the page and paste the code snippet generated for your BriteForm into the editor that pops up. *Important* Make sure that the HTML element is arranged to the bottom of the Page Elements list just before the submit button. 

 Inserting your HTML Element to your Marketo Form 

Inserting your HTML Element to your Marketo Form 

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.23.26 PM.png

     3. In your form settings, make sure that the email field type is set to "Email" otherwise BriteFroms will not trigger a verification.

Once saved, view the approved page to test the email field and simulate a BriteForms response. 



This will allow you to develop and test BriteForms without having to authorize any domains or worry about triggering BriteVerify's fraud tools and security countermeasures. While in test mode you will need to use certain emails to simulate certain events.

Important note: By default your BriteForm is set to test mode. You will ONLY be able to test the following addresses:

For the "suspected fraudulent" test transactions using, the PIN you can type in to 'pass' the confirmation dialog will always be 5555.



When you are ready to put your form in production go back to the form details in BriteVerify and click the Promote Live button in the top right corner.

The test email addresses from Test Mode will no longer validate as before (they are for test mode only). Confirmation Dialogs and associated confirmation emails will only be prompted by transactions that BriteVerify deems 'suspicious.' Otherwise, valid emails will be permitted through the form, and invalid emails will be blocked from submitting the form.