Example Addresses to test infrequently encountered statuses

Developers usually have no problem finding invalid and valid addresses to test with their implementations of BriteVerify. But for less-frequently encountered statuses, this has been a little bit more difficult.

So we have just created two new addresses (and domains):

anyone@unknown.tester.briteverify.com - will always verify as UNKNOWN [tests against this address (and domain) will be free!]
anyone@accept-all.tester.briteverify.com - will always verify as ACCEPT_ALL [WARNING: tests against this domain will incur normal usage costs]

If you require unique addresses with these statuses to test, note that you can actually use any username for the username portion of the address - like "user1@unknown.tester.briteverify.com," or "sample7@accept-all.tester.briteverify.com"